YouTube Is Making It Much Easier For Creators To Deal With Copyright Claims

YouTube is updating the way it handles manual copyright claims with changes that should make them much less of a headache for video creators. The Verge reports: Owners of copyrighted content — like a record label or a movie studio — will now have to say exactly where in a video their copyrighted material appears, which they didn’t have to do in the past when manually reporting infringement. That’ll allow creators to easily verify whether or not a claim is legitimate and to then edit out the content if they don’t want to deal with the repercussions, like losing revenue or having the video taken down. With this change, the whole system will be a lot clearer and should operate much smoother. Video creators will be able to see the chunk that’s been claimed, and YouTube will allow them to mute the audio during that portion, replace the audio with a free-to-use song from YouTube’s library, or cut out that chunk of the video. If they choose any of those options, the copyright claim will automatically be released. (All of those options were previously available, but creators had to figure out on their own what they needed to cut out.)

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