Y2K20 Parking Meter Software Glitch Causes Global SNAFU

New submitter grunby shares a report from Gothamist: The NYC Department of Transportation said in a statement that parking meters are not currently accepting credit card payments and pre-paid parking cards. “The outage was caused by a configuration error in the credit-card payment software used by Parkeon, a vendor for automated parking systems around the world,” the DOT wrote. “The software in the model of Parkeon meter used in New York City had established an end date of January 1, 2020 — and had never been updated by the company. Cities worldwide using the same meters/software began seeing a series of cascading credit card rejections, starting in Australia, as the calendar reached that date.” NYC DOT crews are now in the field reconfiguring the software at individual meters — the NY Times notes that NYC has 14,000 meters covering some 85,000 spaces, so it may take a little while longer to fix. The report notes that parking meters are still accepting coins, and the ParkNYC app is still working if you want to use credit cards.

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