Vintage 30-Year-Old Mac Resurrected As a Web Server

Long-time Slashdot reader Huxley_Dunsany writes: After much work rebuilding and upgrading it, my Macintosh SE/30 from 1989 is now connected via Ethernet to the Web, and is hosting a simple website and old-style “guestbook.” The site has been online for a few days (other than semi-frequent reboots of the system when it gets overloaded with requests), and has served nearly 20,000 visitors. For a machine with a 16MHz CPU and 68 megabytes of ram, it’s held up remarkably well!

I’m basically inviting a “Slashdotting” of my old Mac, but I thought this project might bring a few smiles here. Enjoy!

“Awesome,” wrote one visitor in the guestbook, adding “You should join a webring!”

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