US Mayors Group Adopts Resolution Not To Pay Any More Ransoms To Hackers

The US Conference of Mayors unanimously adopted a resolution this week to not pay any more ransom demands to hackers following ransomware infections. From a report: “Paying ransomware attackers encourages continued attacks on other government systems, as perpetrators financially benefit,” the adopted resolution reads. “The United States Conference of Mayors has a vested interest in de-incentivizing these attacks to prevent further harm,” it said. “NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the United States Conference of Mayors stands united against paying ransoms in the event of an IT security breach.” The resolution adopted this week at the 87th annual meeting of the US Conference of Mayors doesn’t have any legal binding, but can be used as an official position to justify administrative actions, for both federal authorities and taxpayers alike. The Conference of Mayors includes over 1,400 mayors from across the US, representing cities with a population of over 30,000. The organization said that “at least 170 county, city, or state government systems have experienced a ransomware attack since 2013,” and “22 of those attacks have occurred in 2019 alone.”

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