Twitter Rebuilds Website For ‘Write Once, Run Everywhere’ Philosophy

An anonymous reader writes: Twitter today began rolling out a new version of, rebuilt “from the ground up.” The company says the project, which impacts the front end and the back end, has been years in the making. Twitter’s biggest redesign in nearly seven years is meant to be a clean slate that will help the team more quickly bring new features and functionality to the site. On the front end, that means a faster and more personalized experience. On the back end, that means serving the right experience based on the user and device.

The front end redesign brings Twitter’s Explore feature from its apps to the website. That translates to more content like live video and local moments personalized to your location, context with profile information within conversations, and Top Trends in any view. Bookmarks, Lists, and Profile now have their own spots on the side navigation. Whether you have one profile or multiple, the site handles switching between accounts faster, also from the side navigation. You no longer have to login and logout. […] Twitter has rebuilt the back end to support a site that is “personalized, efficient, faster, and more conversational.” The Twitter web team says it needed to rebuild the back end from scratch because many of the problems stemmed from old architectural decisions.

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