Twitch Sues Troll Streamers Who Flooded Site With Violent Videos and Pornography

An anonymous reader quotes Bloomberg:
Twitch Interactive, the livestreaming platform owned by, has sued anonymous trolls who flooded the site last month with pornography, violent content and copyrighted movies and television shows…

Twitch says it works to remove offensive posts and ban the accounts of the users who post them, but that the videos quickly reappear, apparently posted by bots, while other bots work to drive users to the impermissible content. Twitch temporarily suspended new creators from streaming after a May 25 attack by trolls.

The company said that if it learns the identities of the anonymous streamers who have abused its terms of service — named in the lawsuit as “John and Jane Does 1-100” — it will ask the court to prohibit their using the platform and order them to pay restitution and damages.

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