TV Antenna Listings on Amazon Are Rife With Dubious Claims

An anonymous reader shares a report: Early last week, during Amazon’s Prime Days, I decided to see if the e-tailer had any good deals on over-the-air TV antennas. I was appalled by what I found. Searching for “antenna” on revealed listing upon listing for products with dubious performance claims. In Amazon’s most popular and sponsored results, antenna makers were advertising unrealistic reception ranges, nonexistent over-the-air channels, and picture quality that current U.S. broadcast standards don’t support. These misleading claims aren’t just bad for cord-cutters. They also could harm respectable antenna makers that refuse to get in the muck with less scrupulous brands. Unless Amazon — or a government watchdog — intervene, this type of advertising is unlikely to stop anytime soon. When I reached out to Amazon for a comment on my findings, an Amazon spokesperson said “Selling partners are required to provide accurate information about their products to Amazon, and we take action against those that violate our policies and threaten our customer experience. We are investigating these listings now and will take prompt action against any that violate our policies.”

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