They’re Making a Movie Based On the 1978 Game ‘Space Invaders’

The 1978 arcade game Space Invader will become a major motion picture, reports Engadget. “The writer behind the ‘Mortal Kombat’ reboot is involved.”

Deadline reports:
It will take work fleshing this into a full-fledged alien-invasion movie, but the title is certainly a brand. In the game, a series of blocky aliens descended from the top of the screen to the bottom, and players basically blasted them until their thumbs cramped, or the invaders succeeded in overwhelming the slow-triggered defender of earth.

“Nothing surprises me any more,” adds the headline at Io9.
Once, I would be surprised and bemused by the things Hollywood tries to turn into major franchises in 2019. I might observe how the truth now matches what we used to make up as parody. But, look, Battleship is a real movie and Rihanna was in it and that was seven years ago… Since the arcade game is entirely devoid of plot, except for the riveting narrative of shooting up until your thumbs cramp, it’ll probably be some entirely original plot about alien invaders, maybe something Independence Day-esque, with some inevitable cute nods to the original thrown in… [W]e’ll keep you posted as long as you keep putting quarters into the machine.

Yahoo Movies UK calls the news “apparent proof that Hollywood will literally make a movie out of anything… Also in the pipeline is a live-action outing for Sonic the Hedgehog, which was delayed earlier this year so that Paramount could redesign the character following a fan backlash.”

I’m still waiting for a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster based on Pong.

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