The Netherlands National Airline Encourages People To Not Fly

“KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has an unusual message for its customers: Maybe don’t take that flight,” reports Quartz:

In a June 29 open letter from its CEO, Pieter Elbers, the airline invited air travelers to make “responsible decisions about flying,” and encouraged customers to invest in the airline’s carbon offsetting scheme, CO2ZERO… It’s all part of KLM’s new “Fly Responsibly” campaign, which includes a website with information on its commitment to sustainable fuel and practices. A short video poses three questions to customers: Do meetings always have to take place face-to-face? Could you take the train instead? And could you contribute by compensating your CO2 emissions or packing light? “We all have to fly every now and again,” it concludes. “But next time, think about flying responsibly…”

Environmentally conscious customers, especially in Europe, are increasingly opting out of flying, which contributes about 2.5% of global emissions. (Few personal actions are quite so harmful for the environment.)

The article also notes that planes with more business and first-class seats “have a greater carbon footprint, relative to the number of people they are able to transport” — and that by that standard, KLM is already one of the most fuel-efficient airlines in the world.

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