Tesla Owner Implants RFID Chip From Her Model 3’s Keycard Into Her Arm

A Tesla driver figured out a way to implant the RFID tag from her Model 3’s keycard into her forearm. Now, all she needs to do to unlock and turn on her car is to hold her forearm near the console — no physical key fob or smartphone required. The Verge reports: Amie DD is a software engineer and self-described “maker of things.” In a video, she explained that she had implanted an RFID tag in her arm years ago, which she had used to open her home’s front door and to send a smartphone’s browser to her personal website. When she preordered her Model 3, she realized that she could probably do something similar with the keycard. She didn’t have any luck transferring the software to her existing chip, so she decided to extract the card’s chip and implant that into her arm. To do that, she dissolved the card using acetone, and had it encased in a biopolymer. From there, she went to a body-modification studio to have the chip (about the size of a Lego mini-figure) implanted into her forearm. In another video (warning, there’s some blood), she shows off the implantation. She also documented her process on Hackaday. She told The Verge that the chip does work, but the range from her arm to the console “isn’t the greatest.” It’s only about an inch, but she’s hoping that it’ll improve as the swelling of her arm goes down.

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