Tesco, One of the World’s Largest Supermarket Operators, Is Testing Cashierless Stores Solely Dependent On Cameras

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal: Tesco, one of the world’s largest supermarket operators, is one of several grocers testing cashierless stores with cameras that track what shoppers pick (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source), so they pay by simply walking out the door. The retailers hope the technology — similar to that pioneered by Inc. in its Amazon Go stores in the U.S. — will allow them to cut costs and alleviate lines as they face an evolving threat from the e-commerce giant.

Tesco plans to open its self-styled “pick and go” or “frictionless shopping” store to the public next year after testing with employees. Eventually it wants to use the technology, developed by Israeli startup Trigo Vision, in more of its smaller grocery stores. Tesco’s 4,000-square-foot test store uses 150 ceiling-mounted cameras to generate a three-dimensional view of products as they are taken off shelves. In its recent demo, Tesco’s system detected shoppers as they walked around the store. It also identified a group of products when a person holding them stood in front of a screen, tallying up their total price. Tesco is considering identifying shoppers through an app or loyalty card when they enter the store and then charging their app when they leave. Tesco told investors its method costs one-tenth of systems used by its competitors, partly because it only uses cameras. Amazon Go uses cameras and sensors to track what shoppers pick. Amazon customers scan a QR code at a gate when they enter a store, then walk out when finished. While Tesco will track the movements of their customers, the company says the system used in its trial doesn’t recognize faces.

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