Startup Aims To Turn Solar and Wind Power Into Carbon-Neutral Gasoline

“Last month, Rob McGinnis fired up a new machine that runs combustion in reverse, using electricity to weld carbon dioxide and water into liquid fuels,” writes Slashdot reader sciencehabit:

McGinnis, a chemical engineer and entrepreneur, has launched a new start-up called Prometheus, in hopes that he will be able to synthesize fuels more cheaply than energy giants can drill for oil, ship it and refine it. If powered by solar, wind, or other renewable power sources, McGinnis’ machine will churn out carbon neutral fuels, eliminating the fossil from fossil fuels. At the heart of McGinnis’ machine is proprietary carbon nanotube-based filter that separates fuel molecules from water without the large energy input normally required for this job. Can a former Yale University theater major remake the $2 trillion liquid fuels industry?
The article adds that the startup signed its first deal last month, “to begin to sell carbon-neutral fuel to Boom Supersonic, a Denver company building a supersonic commercial airliner.”

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