Slashdot Asks: What’s the Worst Review You Ever Saw on Amazon?

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp shared his story about the worst tech book review he found on Amazon in 2019.
Stephen Few is a respected author and speaker whose books on data visualization and analysis are well-received. But when it comes to Amazon reviews, you simply can’t make everyone happy, a particularly good example of which is a one-star review he received for The Data Loom: Weaving Understanding by Thinking Critically and Scientifically with Data.

So, what is it that the reviewer didn’t like about Few’s latest book? “THIS IS NOT A BOOK ON WEAVING TECHNIQUES,” complains P. Dennis in her 1-star review, “Was not paying attention, I guess. Very disappointed.”

Amazon shows potential buyers that 5 people found Ms. Dennis’s 1-star review helpful, while hiding 6 comments that complain about Amazon’s allowance of the ‘ridiculous’ review [including two from the frustrated author, who asks, “Would you give J. D. Salinger’s book ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ a 1-star review because it is not about baseball?”].

And that kids, can be the difference between a 4 and a 5 rating on Amazon if your book is lightly-reviewed!
I still remember when Amazon shared their own favorite fake customer reviews, posting on the front page of Amazon in big orange letters, “You guys are really funny,” and adding that “occasionally customer creativity goes off the charts in the best possible way.”

But sometimes their reviewers are just stupid.
Leave your own favorite examples in the comments. What’s the worst review you ever saw on Amazon?

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