Samba 4.11 Removes SMB1 File-Sharing Protocol Version By Default

Samba says version 4.11.0 will switch off previously on-by-default support for the aging and easily subverted SMB1 protocol. Slashdot reader Jeremy Allison – Sam shares a report from The Register detailing the new changes: The open-source SMB toolkit’s developers say the Samba 4.11 build, currently in preview, will by default set SMB2_02 as the earliest supported version of the Windows file-sharing protocol. Admins will still have the option to allow SMB1 on their servers if they so choose, but support will be turned off by default. The move by Samba to drop SMB1 can be seen as long overdue, given that Microsoft has been moving to get rid of the file-server protocol version from its operating systems for several years now, even before it was revealed to be one of the NSA’s favorite weak points to exploit. You can read the 4.11 release notes here.

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