Robocall Ban Should Target Texts and Foreign Calls, FCC Chief Says

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has proposed another set of robocall rules, this time to ban malicious calls that spoof caller IDs in text messages and international calls. From a report: The anti-spoofing rules will be voted on by the FCC Aug. 1, and they already have the support of more than 40 state attorneys general, Pai said Monday. These new rules would close the loopholes in targeting international callers, including one-way interconnected VoIP calls, and scammers using text messaging. They are part of the FCC’s “multi-pronged approach to battle the noxious intrusion of illegal robocalls, as well as malicious caller ID spoofing,” Pai said. Last month, the FCC voted unanimously on a proposal to give mobile phone companies greater power to “aggressively block” unwanted robocalls.

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