Regal Cinemas Readying Unlimited Ticket Subscription Program

Regal Cinemas is prepping to launch a new unlimited movie ticket subscriptions service at the end of July in the U.S. Deadline has the details: There will be three tiers of pricing, which work out to $18, $21 and $24 per month, each granting access to unlimited tickets (really). While the monthly price of AMC Stubs A-List movie ticket subscription program varies by state, we hear that Regal’s is based on theater location. Those purchasing a top-priced tier will have access to any Regal Cinema (i.e., from Valencia, CA to 42nd Street in NYC), while the lowest tier gets access to about half of the chain’s national footprint. If someone purchased a subscription at a low tier and ventures to an out-of-network Regal in a higher tier (like a major city), there’s apt to be a surcharge (not final, but around $2-$3) on a gratis ticket.

There are also 10% cash reductions on concessions for each tier, which are immediate rather than receiving a voucher for the next visit. Also, there’s buzz that Regal Unlimited subscribers will have to purchase an entire year in advance for the unlimited ticket program, hence the tier prices respectively would be $288, $252 and $216. At this point in time, it’s not clear whether premium venues (Imax, Dolby 3D, Premium Large Format screens, Dbox) will be included in the monthly subscription like it is with AMC’s. Studio executives have mentioned to us in passing that a greater degree of revenue exists in upcharging a subscriber on premium tickets. Details are still being worked out despite what many might be reading in online chat rooms.

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