People Keep Spotting Teslas With Snoozing Drivers On the Freeway

“In the last week, two different people have captured video of Tesla vehicles traveling down a freeway with an apparently sleeping driver behind the wheel,” writes Ars Technica.

Iwastheone shares their report:
Both incidents happened in California. Last week, local television stations in Los Angeles aired footage from viewer Shawn Miladinovich of a Tesla vehicle driving on LA’s 405 freeway. The driver “was just fully sleeping, eyes were shut, hands nowhere near the steering wheel,” said Miladinovich, who was a passenger in a nearby car, in an interview with NBC Channel 4. Miladinovich said he saw the vehicle twice, about 30 minutes apart, as both cars traveled along the 405 freeway. The driver appeared to be asleep both times…

Another video of an apparently sleeping Tesla driver was posted to Reddit over the weekend — this one from the San Francisco Bay Area. The Reddit user who posted the video, MiloWee, said that she tried “several times” to wake him up by honking. “It worked, but he fell back asleep,” she wrote….

Last month, police in the Netherlands pulled over a Tesla driver who appeared to be asleep and intoxicated. Another video posted in January appeared to show Tesla drivers asleep at the wheel. In an incident last November, it took police in Silicon Valley seven miles to pull over a Tesla car with an apparently sleeping driver. He was arrested for driving under the influence. Another driver in early 2018 was discovered passed out behind the wheel of his stopped Tesla vehicle on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the man “attempted to reassure arresting CHP officers onsite that the car was ‘on autopilot.'”

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