Penetration Testing Toolkit Includes Exploit For ‘Incredibly Dangerous’ Bluekeep Vulnerability

An anonymous reader quotes Vice:
In May, Microsoft released a patch for a bug in several versions of Windows that is so bad that the company felt it even had to release a fix for Windows XP, an operating system that (has been unsupported) for five years. That vulnerability is known as BlueKeep, and it has kept a lot of security researchers up at night. They are worried that someone could write an exploit for it and make a worm that could wreak havoc the way WannaCry or NotPetya — two viruses that spread almost uncontrollably all over the world locking thousands of computers — did…. Researchers were so worried about this vulnerability that for months, no one has published the code for a proof-of-concept exploit. In other words, no one wanted to be the guy to even prove that this type of malware was even possible to write.

Until now.

On Tuesday, Immunity, a long time US government contractor, announced that it had developed an exploit for BlueKeep and included it into its penetration testing toolkit Canvas, which is available only to paying subscribers. Canvas customers, can now exploit this bug using Immunity’s own code.

ZDNet notes that Canvas licenses “cost between thousands and tens of thousands of US dollars,” but also adds that “hackers have been known to pirate or legitimately buy penetration testing tools.”

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