‘No More Ransom’ Decryption Tools Prevent $108M In Ransomware Payments

An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet:

On the three-year anniversary of the No More Ransom project, Europol announced today that users who downloaded and decrypted files using free tools made available through the No More Ransom portal have prevented ransomware gangs from making profits estimated at at least $108 million… However, an Emsisoft spokesperson told ZDNet that the $108 million estimate that Europol shared today is “actually a huge underestimate. They’re based on the number of successful decryptions confirmed by telemetry — in other words, when the tools phone home to confirm they’ve done their job,” Emsisoft told ZDNet… Just the free decryption tools for the GandCrab ransomware alone offered on the No More Ransom website have prevented ransom payments of nearly $50 million alone, Europol said.

The project, which launched in July 2016, now hosts 82 tools that can be used to decrypt 109 different types of ransomware. Most of these have been created and shared by antivirus makers like Emsisoft, Avast, and Bitdefender, and others; national police agencies; CERTs; or online communities like Bleeping Computer. By far the most proficient member has been antivirus maker Emsisoft, which released 32 decryption tools for 32 different ransomware strains… All in all, Europol said that more than three million users visited the site and more than 200,000 users downloaded tools from the No More Ransom portal since its launch.

One Emisoft researcher said they were “pretty proud” of their decryptor for MegaLocker, “as not only did it help thousands of victims, but it really riled up the malware author.”

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