‘Never Commit a Crime When Your Phone Is Connected to a Wi-Fi Network’

“Like many bad ideas, this one started with Bud Light,” reports Slate.

As four high school seniors sat around shooting the breeze before graduation, they decided to vandalize their school as a senior prank. Disguised with T-shirts over their faces to evade security cameras, the young men originally set out to spray-paint “Class of 2018,” but in a moment one of the men describes to the Washington Post as “a blur,” their graffiti fest took a turn toward swastikas, racial slurs attacking the school’s principal, and other hateful symbols.

Despite their covered faces, school officials had no problem finding who was responsible: The students’ phones had automatically connected with the school’s Wi-Fi using their unique logins. Their digital fingerprints tipped off administrators to who was on campus just before midnight, and, as the Post describes, they were held accountable for their crime. But the incident also showcases how little we know about what we’re giving away with our digital footprints. These men had clearly given thought about how to stay anonymous — they knew they needed masks to foil the cameras — but they didn’t think the devices in their pockets could give them away.

The AP adds that the prison sentences for the four teenagers “ranged from eight to 18 weekends behind bars.”

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