NASA Cut 385 Acres of Trees In Florida For a Better View of Launch Pads

McGruber quotes UPI:
NASA has cut down trees on more than 385 acres of Kennedy Space Center in Florida to allow a better view of launch pads where human spaceflight is set to return after a lull of many years.

The last astronauts to launch into space from the site were aboard space shuttle Atlantis in 2011. Since then, trees have grown so thick that the view from the press site a few miles away is totally obstructed. [Last week] when the media arrived for a SpaceX launch, they noticed a change: a clear view of launch pads.

“It looks like it did during the Apollo days, which is a great thing,” said photographer Julian Leek, 65, a freelancer who has worked for such outlets as Ladies’ Home Journal and the Miami Herald over the years. “Back then you could see the pads and the concrete, and now it’s a gorgeous view again. Over the years, the vegetation has been growing and growing,” Leek said.

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