Monroe College Hit With Ransomware, $2 Million Demanded

A ransomware attack in New York City’s Monroe College has shut down the college’s computer systems at campuses located in Manhattan, New Rochelle and St. Lucia. The attackers are seeking 170 bitcoins or approximately $2 million dollars in order to decrypt the entire college’s network. Bleeping Computer reports: According to the Daily News, Monroe College was hacked on Wednesday at 6:45 AM and ransomware was installed throughout the college’s network. It is not known at this time what ransomware was installed on the system, but it is likely to be Ryuk, IEncrypt, or Sodinokibi, which are known to target enterprise networks. The college has not indicated at this time whether they will be paying the ransom or restoring from backups while gradually bringing their network back online. “The good news is that the college was founded in 1933, so we know how to teach and educate without these tools,” Monroe College spokesperson Jackie Ruegger told the Daily News. “Right now we are finding workarounds for our students taking online classes so they have their assignments.”

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