Microsoft Word Hits 1 Billion Installs on Google Play

Microsoft Word reached over 1 billion installations on Android over the weekend. Microsoft’s flagship document editor is arguably Microsoft’s greatest success story on Android. With over 1 billion downloads, Microsoft Word is one of the most used productivity apps on the platform. From a report: Microsoft has continued to push Office on Android along with other apps like Your Phone, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Teams. The shift has helped Microsoft stay relevant in the mobile space despite the death of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft has similar efforts on iOS in an effort to have its services available to as many users as possible. Some around the web have pointed out that Microsoft Office comes preinstalled on many Android phones in an effort to discount Word’s milestone of 1 billion installations. While it is true that Microsoft’s Office applications come preinstalled on many devices, the fact that Word recently hit 1 billion installations and other Office apps like Excel have “only” hit 500 million shows that quite a few users have downloaded Word from the Google Play Store.

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