Making the Case For a Microsoft Surface Phone That Runs Android

Zac Bowden from Windows Central makes the case for why Microsoft may want to make a Surface phone that runs Android. An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from the report: While a Surface Phone running Android would never sell to the quantity that Samsung smartphones do (or at least not a first- or second-generation phone), Microsoft could utilize the Surface brand to showcase the best of Microsoft’s Android efforts all in one place, just like it has done for Windows PCs. I’m picturing a Surface-branded, Microsoft-built smartphone that comes with Microsoft Launcher, Edge, Office, Your Phone phone-mirroring integration, and more, out of the box. In fact, that’s one of four unique selling points that a Surface Phone running Android could have:
— Showcase the best of Microsoft’s efforts on Android. — Seamless integration with Windows PCs using Your Phone. — Provide the best security and update support on Android. — Brand recognition that can rival Apple and Samsung.

That last point is more for Microsoft fans, but the first three are important. A Surface Phone running Android would be the only smartphone out there that’s always guaranteed to work with all of Your Phone’s features. I have a wide array of Android smartphones, yet 90 percent of them don’t support all of Your Phone’s features on Windows 10. Screen mirroring is only available on select devices, and while that may improve, there’s no guarantee your smartphone will ever get it, or if it’ll work well. Microsoft could also provide enhanced features, such as the ability to take cellular phone calls on your PC directly from your Surface Phone. It could also build out dedicated Phone and SMS apps that sync up with the Messages app on your PC, instead of having to relay it through the Your Phone app. There’s so much more potential when you build your own Android phone.

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