Leaked Internal Intel Memo Acknowledges ‘Resurgent’, ‘Formidable’ AMD

Slashdot reader MojoKid writes:

AMD announced its 3rd Gen Ryzen 3000 series processors at Computex earlier this month and the company’s Zen 2 architecture is promised to bring single threaded performance parity with Intel but exceedingly better multithreaded throughput in content creation and other high-end workloads.

Intel has obviously taken notice of AMD’s Zen 2 advancements and nowhere is its renewed keen focus more evident than in an internal memo that just leaked out to public venues. The memo was originally posted on Intel’s internal “Circuit News” employee portal and it’s quite revealing. The memo, which is entitled, “AMD competitive profile: Where we go toe-to-toe, why they are resurgent, which chips of ours beat theirs”, is a surprisingly frank look at how AMD has managed to get the best of Intel, at least currently, and how the company should manage this renewed or “resurgent” competitive threat.
What’s most surprising about the memo, which was penned by Circuit News Managing Editor Walden Kirsch, is how flattering it is in general to AMD, pointing out that it was the best-performing stock on the S&P 500 for 2018. In terms of Zen 2 and AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series, the author notes, “Intel 9th Gen Core processors are likely to lead AMD’s Ryzen-based products on lightly threaded productivity benchmarks as well as many gaming benchmarks,” Kirsch writes in the memo. “For multi-threaded workloads, such as heavy content creation workloads, AMD’s Matisse is expected to lead.” All in, the internal memo is a rather insightful and well-reasoned look at the threat that AMD poses to Intel and how the company might respond.

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