James Bond Was Going To Fight Robot Sharks With Nukes In New York’s Sewers

dryriver writes: The line “sharks with fricking lasers” was once popular on Slashdot. It sounds like a joke, but a never-made James Bond movie co-written back in the day by Sean Connery was actually going to feature robotic sharks carrying stolen NATO nukes in order to attack New York. Bond was going to stop the sharks inside the New York sewer system, waterski out of the sewers, paraglide up to the Statue of Liberty’s head, then fight a Bond villain inside said head, with the villain’s “blood trickling out of the Statue of Liberty’s eye like tears” at the end of the fight. All this was going to happen without the consent of Cubby Broccoli, the official producer of the Bond movies. Why did the movie never get made? The producers of competing Bond movies were fighting in court over who has what rights to the franchise and characters. In the end, “Bond fights robot sharks with nukes” was scrapped, and “Never Say Never Again,” a remake of “Thunderball,” was made instead. This featured stolen nukes as well, but unfortunately no robot sharks or other “Austin Powers” style silliness.

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