Is Fry’s Electronics in Trouble?

The tagline “Your best buys are always at Fry’s” once blanketed Bay Area airwaves, but that’s no longer true of the computer retailer’s Palo Alto store. From a report: A temple of electronics known as “ground zero for geek culture,” the Portage Avenue Fry’s Electronics closed last week after almost 30 years in business. “The Palo Alto store was a fixture for techies everywhere. It’s sad they closed,” said Abbi Vakil, who works as a hardware engineer in the city. “You will not find an engineer in the Bay Area who hasn’t gone to Fry’s for some kind of prototype building.” Fry’s Electronics, a San Jose company that still has dozens of stores from California to Georgia, including seven in the Bay Area, said on Twitter that it had not been able to renew the Palo Alto store’s lease. But customers from Sunnyvale to Seattle have been sharing photos and videos of empty shelves on social media for months, raising speculation that the chain may be heading for bankruptcy or shrinking significantly.

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