Intel Patches Two New Security Flaws

This week Intel announced two new patches, according to Tom’s Hardware:
The flaw in the processor diagnostic tool (CVE-2019-11133) is rated 8.2 out 10 on the CVSS 3.0 scale, making it a high-severity vulnerability. The flaw [found by security researcher Jesse Michael from Eclypsium] “may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable escalation of privilege, information disclosure or denial of service via local access,” according to Intel’s latest security advisory. Versions of the tool that are older than are affected.

The second vulnerability, found by Intel’s internal team, is a medium-severity vulnerability in Intel’s SSD DC S4500/S4600 series sold to data center customers. The flaw found in the SSD firmware versions older than SCV10150 obtained a 5.3 score on the CVSS 3.0 scale, so it was labeled medium-severity. The bug may allow an unprivileged user to enable privilege escalation via physical access.

As one of the flaws was uncovered by Intel itself and for the other the Eclypsium research coordinated with Intel for its disclosure, Intel was able to have ready the patches in time for the public announcement.

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