Intel Developing ‘Data Parallel C++’ As Part of OneAPI Initiative

Intel’s One API project aims “to simplify application development across diverse computing architectures.”

Now an anonymous reader quotes Phoronix:

Intel announced an interesting development in their oneAPI initiative: they are developing a new programming language/dialect. Intel originally began talking about oneAPI last December for optimizing code across CPUs / GPUs / FPGAs and as part of “no transistor left behind….”

The article then acknowledges “the SYCL single-source C++ programming standard from The Khronos Group we’ve expected Intel to use as their basis for oneAPI,” before noting Intel is going “a bit beyond…”

“Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) is their ‘new direct programming language’ aiming to be an open, cross-industry standard and based on C++ and incorporating SYCL.”

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