In 80 Days, Google Will Require Chrome Extensions To Request ‘The Least Amount of Data’

“Google is giving Chrome extension makers until October 15 to minimize the amount of data they collect during browser sessions or face expulsion from the Chrome Web Store,” reports PC Magazine:

The change addresses how the extensions generally need to request certain permissions from your browser in order to function. However, some of these permissions can be pretty powerful; they can include the ability to take desktop screenshots, capture audio from a microphone, and collect data from the local file system, among other things, which can open the door to potential abuse.

The risks prompted Google to work toward securing the 180,000+ Chrome extensions on the company’s official web store. “We’re requiring extensions to only request access to the least amount of data,” the company said in a Tuesday blog post. “While this has previously been encouraged of developers, now we’re making this a requirement for all extensions.”

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