Impossible Foods Gets FDA Approval To Sell Fake Meat In Grocery Stores

Impossible Foods has been granted approval by the FDA to sell its plant-based meat in U.S. grocery stores this fall. “After expressing some initial doubts, the agency formally ruled that soy leghemoglobin — the additive in Impossible Burgers that gives it a meat-like flavor and makes it ‘bleed’ — is safe for consumers to eat,” reports Engadget. “If no objections are raised, the FDA rule change becomes effective on September 4th.” From the report: Currently, consumers can only purchase Impossible Foods’ fake meat at the many restaurants it has partnerships with — including Burger King, Qdoba and Claim Jumper. Bringing Impossible Burgers to supermarket aisles will be sure to increase its mainstream relevance and expose it to a wide market. It also ensures that Impossible Foods keeps up with its competitor Beyond Meat, which already sells its products in grocery stores. High demand this summer even lead to Beyond Meat’s product being out of stock at select Whole Foods store. Impossible Foods faced shortages of its own this year, and has since doubled employment at its Oakland facility and teamed up with a food production company, OSI Group, to increase supplies. The company also recently inked a deal with Burger King to bring the meatless patties to every restaurant in the country.

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