How to Get XKCD Author Randall Munroe To Visit Your City

Since 2005 Randall Munroe has been the author/illustrator of the popular nerdy comic strip XKCD — and he’s now planning to publish “the world’s least useful self-help book.” How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems offers readers a third choice beyond simply doing things either the right way or the wrong way: “a way so monumentally bad that no one would ever try it,” according to a new page at

It describes how to cross a river by removing all the water, outlines some of the many uses for lava around the home, and teaches you how to use experimental military research to ensure that your friends will never again ask you to help them move.

To promote the book Munroe has already scheduled visits in 14 nerd-friendly cities (including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Raleigh). But a final 15th city will be chosen “based on the results of a challenge…”

The challenge: Write the best story using nothing but book covers. Arrange the titles of your favorite books into sentences that tell a story, assemble a single continuous line of people holding up the covers, and take a photo or video documenting your feat.

You can make the story as long as you want, but each book needs to be held by a different human. Creative grammar is fine, and you’ll get extra credit for including as many books and people as possible.

Photos should be either shared on social media with the hashtag #howtoxkcd, or emailed to that address on Gmail. “Submit your entry between June 10 and July 31,” explains the site, adding that a winner will be announced in August.

“Make sure to include your location (city/state, US only) so we know where to find you!”

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