Google Will Now Let Android Users Log In To Some Services Without A Password

If you’re an Android user, you can now sign into some of Google’s services using your fingerprint, rather than having to type in a password. “The feature is available starting today for some Android phones, and it will be rolling out to all phones running Android 7 or later ‘over the next few days,'” reports The Verge. “According to a Google help page, the feature also allows you to log in using whichever method you have set up to unlock your phone, which can include pins and pattern unlock.” From the report: Android phones already let you use your fingerprint to authenticate Google Pay purchases and log in to apps. What’s new here is being able to use that same fingerprint to log in to one of Google’s web services within the Chrome browser. At the moment, you can use the functionality to view and edit the passwords that Google has saved for you at, but Google says it plans to add the functionality to more Google and Google Cloud services in the future.

If you have a compatible Android handset, then you can try the functionality out now by heading over to using the Chrome app on your phone. This service lets you manage all of the passwords that Chrome has saved for you. If you tap on any one of these saved passwords, then Google will prompt you to “Verify that it’s you,” at which point, you can authenticate using your fingerprint or any other method you’d usually use to unlock your phone. You’ll need to already have your personal Google Account added to your Android device for this to work.

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