Google Launches Chrome Extension For Flagging Bad URLs To the Safe Browsing Team

Google today launched a new Chrome extension that will simplify the process of reporting a malicious site to the Google Safe Browsing team so that it can be analyzed, reviewed, and blacklisted in Chrome and other browsers that support the Safe Browsing API. From a report: Named the Suspicious Site Reporter, this extension adds an icon to the Google Chrome toolbar that when pressed, opens a popup window from where users can file an automatic report for the current site they’re on, and which they suspect might be up to no good. “If the site is added to Safe Browsing’s lists, you’ll not only protect Chrome users but users of other browsers and across the entire web,” said Emily Schechter, Chrome Product Manager. The Safe Browsing API is implemented not only in the mobile and desktop versions of Chrome but also in the mobile and desktop versions of Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari.

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