Glitch Causes Smart Meter Displays In England To Appear In Welsh Language

AmiMoJo shares a report from the BBC: Bulb smart energy users have reported their meter displays appearing in Welsh — even though they are not in Wales. Some of the energy firm’s customers said their displays were showing the text “defnydd heddiw,” meaning “usage today.” Fixing the problem involves navigating the menu, which also appears in Welsh. Bulb said the problem occurred with one in every 200 of its smart meters and could be resolved in five steps. One customer, James Tombs, who lives more than 100 miles from the Welsh border in West Sussex, said: “I don’t live in Wales and don’t know Welsh… I went on to the Bulb forums, found others with the same problem and followed directions to change [the] language.” You can find instructions on how to change the display via Bulb.

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