Frontier Refuses To Waive Router Rental Fee For Customer Who Brought His Own

Ever since Frontier bought Verizon’s Texas network in 2016, the company has been charging some customers a $10-per-month router rental fee even if they’re using their own router. Rich Son of Texas purchased Verizon’s FiOS Quantum Gateway router for $200 in order to avoid monthly rental fees. He said: “[the router] worked well for me until the takeover happened with Frontier and I began getting charged for using my own equipment. I have continued to call Frontier and was repeatedly assured that the fees will be taken off my bill.” But that didn’t happen. Ars Technica reports: Son filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission; Frontier responded to the complaint but stuck to its position that he has to pay the fee. A voicemail that Frontier left with Son and his wife said the company informed the FCC that “the router monthly charge is an applicable fee, and it will continue to be billed.” Another voicemail from Frontier told them they can avoid the monthly rental fees if they purchase a Frontier router.

“We can reimburse you if you purchase a Frontier router. We cannot reimburse you if you have a Verizon router — we are not Verizon,” the voicemail said. “You can choose to use your own router, however you will be still charged the monthly fee… the difference is we do not service the router that you choose to use.” “It’s $10 today — but how much will it cost us tomorrow?” Son said. “I’d consider letting it go if their customer service blew me out of the water, but they’ve been terrible ever since Verizon forced Frontier on us.” When contacted by Ars Technica, Frontier said that it refuses to stop charging the Wi-Fi router rental fee even when customers use their own router and claimed it does so in order to cover higher support costs for customers like Son.”

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