Foxconn Will Only Create 1500 Jobs, says Wisconsin Governor

The Foxconn factory in Wisconsin will only create 1,500 jobs when it starts production next May, Gov. Tony Evers said yesterday. From a report: That’s the same number Foxconn has been saying since it shifted plans for the factory a few months ago, and far short of the 13,000 jobs that were promised when President Trump broke ground a year ago. Evers has been negotiating with Foxconn since he replaced former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, and he says he now has “clarity: on Foxconn’s plans. 1,500 jobs is short of the 1,800 jobs required for Foxconn to get the next set of tax credits under its $4 billion deal with the state. Foxconn already missed its first jobs target under that contract, hiring only 156 employees instead of the required 260 last year. Instead, Foxconn has bought a series of empty buildings for “innovation centers” around the state as part of a promised “AI 8K+5G ecosystem” (although it’s never specified what that ecosystem actually is). Timeline: Wisconsin’s $4.1 Billion Foxconn Boondoggle; Foxconn Is Reconsidering Plan For Wisconsin Factory; Foxconn Says It Will Build Wisconsin Factory After All; Foxconn is Confusing the Hell Out of Wisconsin; and One Year After Trump’s Foxconn Groundbreaking, There is Almost Nothing To Show For It.

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