First E-Bikes, Then Flying Cars: a Do-Anything 3D Printing Tech

Tekla Perry shares an interesting story from the IEEE’s “View from the Valley” blog:

Arevo was aiming to get into the aircraft parts business when it started developing software and hardware to print 3D structures using a composite containing continuous carbon fibers. Its technology lays out the lines of the material in ways to maximize strength and minimize the amount of composite used.

Printing out a bike frame? That was just going to be a demo for investors. Now the company is in the e-bike manufacturing business, but thinks the ultimate application of its technology will be flying cars.

That’s not a joke, the article explains:
Bheda says the flying car market could turn out to be Arevo’s sweet spot. “They will be manufactured in a larger volume than airplanes, the manufacturing technology being used for current aircraft won’t scale to that, and they want to use thermoplastic. Our technology is at least three years ahead of any other thermoplastic technology, so we will be ready.”

They’re now marketing their in-house printing capabilities as a service, “keeping the manufacture of any products in house.”

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