Facebook’s Photorealistic Simulator For AI Runs At 10,000 FPS

malachiorion writes:
Facebook just open sourced a simulator for testing and training embodied AI systems — like virtual robots. They worked with AR/VR researchers to release the simulator along with what they say are the most photorealistic 3D reconstructions of real world places available. [Facebook Reality Labs have named this “the Replica data set”.]

The crazy part: Because more frames are always better for training computer vision in simulators, it can run at 10,000 FPS!

The simulator’s ability to hit 10K frames per second prompted an interesting follow-up on the original submission. “It’s a totally useless framerate for humans — just absolute overkill for our brains/eyeballs — but it’s apparently a benefit for AI systems.”

“As more researchers adopt the platform, we can collectively develop embodied AI techniques more quickly,” explains Facebook’s blog post, “as well as realize the larger benefits of replacing yesterday’s training data sets with active environments that better reflect the world we’re preparing machine assistants to operate in.”

And if you’re worried about privacy, Facebook assures readers that “The data used to generate Replica scans was anonymized to remove any personal details (such as family photos) that could identify an individual. The overall reconstruction process was meticulous, with researchers manually filling in the small holes that are inevitably missed during scanning and using a 3D paint tool to apply annotations directly onto meshes.”

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