Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Suffer Outages Again

“Facebook still can’t avoid widespread outages, it seems,” writes Engadget:
Numerous reports have surfaced of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp being unavailable to various degrees on the morning of August 4th. The failure doesn’t appear to have been as dramatic as it was in July, when image services were out for several hours (we had at least some success visiting them ourselves). Still, it likely wasn’t what you were hoping for if you wanted to catch up on your social feeds on a lazy Sunday morning.

UPI has more information:
Some Instagram users could not log into their accounts while Facebook users globally could not use sharing features, upload photos and comment, The Mirror reported. Others received messages stating that the site needed maintenance and would be up again soon.

The Express said that the outage monitoring website Down Detector logged more than 7,000 reports issues on Facebook. Down Detector said that Facebook started having problems about 9:30 a.m., Eastern time. About 34 percent of the complaints said they faced “total blackout.” Another 33 percent of the complainants said there were issues with its newsfeed while 32 percent said they could not log in. reported that users across the United States, Canada, Australia and parts of Asia claimed that had lack of access Sunday morning

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