/e/ Announces ‘Un-Googled’ Android Smartphones

“This will probably be the first fully ‘un-Googled’ Android-based smartphone to hit the market ever,” writes Slashdot reader getupstandup1:

The /e/ smartphone will start to ship soon, on high-grade refurbished smartphones. While more and more people are concerned about privacy, it’s interesting to see such initiatives, especially considering that it was started by someone who is coming from the Linux distro world.
Gaël Duval started this non-profit project after realizing “he was more and more using proprietary software — Apple and Android,” and “felt trapped inside those Internet giants’ ecosystems that use personal data to fuel their business models,” according to the /e/ web site.
“We think that /e/ can have a global, worldwide impact as a major open source project in the public interest. It will help by freeing users from personal data spying and advertising. /e/ is about freedom and privacy in the digital world.”

They’re now asking interested phone-buyers to “register” their interest in one of their high-grade refurbished (Samsung) smartphones “by clicking on the button located underneath your smartphone of choice, and leaving your contact details so we can come back to you when these phones will be available.”

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