Dell’s Upcoming XPS 13 Linux Laptop Includes a Fingerprint Reader

An anonymous reader quotes Forbes:
If you’ve been following the steady march of progress from Dell’s Linux-first Project Sputnik team, you’re no doubt aware that the “Developer Edition” variant of the XPS 13 is one of the finest Linux-ready ultrabooks you can buy. Just ahead of CES 2020, Dell is pushing out a few more improvements including a feature that’s been hotly requested: fingerprint-reader support.

It’s one of several enhancements Dell is promising to Linux users for its 10th-generation XPS 13, including a new maximum of 32GB RAM and a redesigned “InfinityEdge” display that adds even more screen real estate, resulting in an adjusted 16:10 aspect ratio to match… Details on fingerprint-reader support are still a bit vague, but Dell says it will be released shortly after the system’s February 2020 launch as an OTA (over-the-air) update, and then as part of the preloaded Ubuntu Developer Edition image it ships with the system.

Dell’s lead on Project Sputnik developer systems, Barton George, also blogged about Dell’s new 86-inch 4K interactive touch monitor, as well as their upcoming Latitude 9510 notebook and 2-in-1 laptops, promising “a new ultra-premium class of products” offering 5G mobile broadband capabilities, AI-based productivity capabilities, and 30-plus hours of battery life.

The blog post ends by noting that “While project Sputnik is the most visible Linux-based offerings from Dell, it is only a small fraction of the over 150 systems that make up Dell’s Linux portfolio.”

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