Can You Beat The World’s Worst User Interface?

Design firm Baggar writes:
A user assumes certain actions to be in a certain place or color because interface designers worldwide have been collaboratively educating users and feeding them these design-patterns. But what happens if we poke all good practice with a stick and stir it up? What if we don’t respect our self-created rules and expectations, and do everything the other way around?

That’s exactly why we created User Inyerface: An interface that expects you to do the hard work instead of doing it for you. We created a simple interface, that isn’t your friend. An interface that doesn’t want to please you. An interface that has no clue and no rules.

The task is simple: complete the forms as fast as you can. It might suck the life out of you, but it is possible if you simply look and forget everything you have grown accustomed to.

Ars Technica collected some screenshots of their favorite screens, calling it “a hilariously and deliberately difficult-to-use website created to show just how much we rely on past habits and design conventions to interact with the Web… a gauntlet of nearly impossible-to-parse interactions that are as funny as they are infuriating.”

At one point, the site gave me a warning that my chosen password “was not unsafe.”

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