Atlanta Pauses Scooter Permits After Deaths

Atlanta’s mayor put a pause on the city’s issuance of permits for smartphone-based electric scooter rentals Thursday following two recent deaths. From a report: The city had come under pressure from activists in recent days who had protested on Atlanta’s streets after a man riding a scooter was run over by a city transit bus. The executive order from Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms stops short of removing scooters from the city’s streets.

“Across the nation, municipalities are dealing with the sudden and unforeseen impact these devices have had on our communities,” Bottoms said in a press release. “While some municipalities have banned the devices altogether, the City of Atlanta acted in good faith to work with the private sector to explore innovative solutions to ease existing commuting strains,” said Bottoms. “However, as Atlanta has seen two scooter related deaths, this complex issue requires a more thorough and robust dialogue.”

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