Ask Slashdot: How Will Abandonware Work With Today’s DRM Locked Games?

dryriver writes:
Thousands of charmingly old-fashioned computer and console games from the 8-bit, 16-bit, MS-DOS era are easily re-playable today in a web browser — many Abandonware websites now feature play-in-browser emulated games. Here is a video of 101 charming old MS-DOS games, most of which can be re-played on Abandonware websites across the internet in seconds.

But what about today’s cloud-linked, DRM crippled games, which won’t even work without Steam/Origin/UPlay, and many of which don’t even allow you to host your own multiplayer servers anymore? How will we play them 20 years from now — on what may be Android, Linux or other OSs — when they are tethered into the cloud? And is writing a fully-working emulator for today’s complex Windows/DirectX games even feasible?

How will Abandonware work 20 years from now?

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