Ask Slashdot: Budget-Friendly Webcam Without a Cloud Service?

simpz writes: Does anyone know of a fairly inexpensive webcam that doesn’t depend on a cloud service? A few years ago, you could buy a cheap webcam (with the usual pan/tilt and IR) for about $50 that was fully manageable from a web browser. Nowadays the web interfaces are limited in functionality (or non-existent), or you need a phone app that doesn’t work well (maybe only working through a cloud service). I’ve even seen a few cheap ones that still need ActiveX to view the video in a web browser, really people! I’d like to avoid a cloud service for privacy and to allow this to operate on the LAN with no internet connection present. Even a webcam where you can disable the cloud connection outbound would be fine and allow you to use it fully locally. I guess the issue is this has become a niche thing that the ease of a cloud service connection probably wins for most people, and other considerations don’t really matter to them. I had a brief look at a Raspberry Pi solution, but didn’t see anything like a small webcam form factor (with pan/tilt etc). Alternatively, are there any third-party firmwares for commercial webcams (sort of a OpenWRT-, DD-WRT-, or LineageOS-style project for webcams) that could provide direct local access only via a web browser (and things like RTSP)?

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