Another Breach: What Capital One Could Have Learned From Google’s ‘BeyondCorp’

“Firewalls can be notoriously and fiendishly difficult to configure correctly, and often present a target-rich environment for successful attacks,” writes long-time Slashdot reader Lauren Weinstein.

“The thing is, firewall vulnerabilities are not headline news — they’re an old story, and better solutions to providing network security already exist.”

In particular, Google’s “BeyondCorp” approach is something that every enterprise involved in computing should make itself familiar with. Right now! BeyondCorp techniques are how Google protects its own internal networks and systems from attack, with enormous success.

In a nutshell, BeyondCorp is a set of practices that effectively puts “zero trust” in the networks themselves, moving access control and other authentication elements to individual devices and users. This eliminates traditional firewalls (and in nearly all instances, VPNs) because there is no longer any need for such devices or systems that, once breached, give an attacker access to internal goodies.

If Capital One had been following BeyondCorp principles, there’d likely be 100+ million fewer potentially panicky people today.

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