Adobe’s Experimental AI Tool Can Tell If Something’s Been Photoshopped

Adobe and UC Berkeley researchers are working on tool that can tell if a photo has been manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. The goal is to cut down on fake content and “to increase trust and authority in digital media.” TheINQUIRER reports: A bunch of images were created using Photoshop’s “Face Aware Liquify” tool, and mixed with a set of expertly human-doctored photographs. When humans were shown the original image and the doctored version, they spotted the fakes 53 percent of the time, but the artificial intelligence hit 99 percent. That’s pretty good — changing a coin toss guess into near certainty, but the AI isn’t quite done showboating. As well as being able to point out what areas might have been changed, the AI can also predict what methods have been used to change the image.

Better still, it’ll have a stab at undoing the vandalism, and returning the image to its former untampered glory. Not perfectly, but well enough to impress the researchers all the same: it’s like having an undo button on someone else’s work, and who hasn’t always wanted one of those? “It might sound impossible because there are so many variations of facial geometry possible,” said Professor Alexei A. Efros of UC Berkeley. “But, in this case, because deep learning can look at a combination of low-level image data, such as warping artifacts, as well as higher level cues such as layout, it seems to work.”

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