81% of ‘Suspects’ Flagged By Met’s Police Facial Recognition Technology Innocent, Independent Report Says

Four out of five people identified by the Metropolitan Police’s facial recognition technology as possible suspects are innocent, according to an independent report. From a report: Researchers found that the controversial system is 81% inaccurate — meaning that, in the vast majority of cases, it flagged up faces to police when they were not on a wanted list. The force maintains its technology only makes a mistake in one in 1,000 cases — but it uses a different measurement to arrive at this conclusion. The report, exclusively revealed by Sky News and The Guardian, raises “significant concerns” about Scotland Yard’s use of the technology, and calls for the facial recognition programme to be halted. Citing a range of technical, operational and legal issues, the report concludes that it is “highly possible” the Met’s usage of the system would be found unlawful if challenged in court.

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