$7,000 Contest Seeks Better Stock Images For ‘Cybersecurity’

An anonymous reader quotes The Verge:

Cybersecurity stock images are predictable at this point: a hooded man with a shadowy face in front of a keyboard or a mysterious person in front of binary code. A design firm called OpenIDEO thinks these images can be better, so it’s hosting a contest to entice visual creators to make images that are eye-catching, informative, and clear.

“Cybersecurity,” which could mean data breaches, hacks, or policy changes, is a difficult concept to visually represent, so OpenIDEO is going to reward creators for their work. The group, in association with a private organization called the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, issued an open call late last month for cybersecurity-related image submissions with plans to award $7,000 to up to five people.

The contest rules specify they’re not looking for “Overused, stereotypical, fear-inducing images of cybersecurity. These create personal misperceptions and aversions, and may lead to a series of repercussions regarding public understanding of cybersecurity and data safety.” And there’s even a helpful collection of images providing examples of “What we’re not looking for.”

The deadline for submissions in August 16th, and all finalists must agree to using a Creative Commons license. “We believe that this type of licensing helps ensure your work reaches the widest possible audience…”

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